How to Build A Grape Arbor

By djackman
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grape arbor

grape arbor

Build a beautiful and sturdy grape arbor with these simple instructions


Things You'll Need:

  • Fence Rails
  • Stainless Wire
  • 1 x 1 strips
  • galvanized screws
  • screw driver
  • shovel
  • tape measure


  1. First you need to pick a nice, sunny, flat area for your grape arbor location. Locate the area of the first post. Dig a hole as wide as you need to and 18" - 24" deep. Frost line in my area is 18" you may want to go a couple in inches below frost line.

  2. Step2

    Set your post in the hole and back fill tamping dirt as you go. the best post to use are fence rails, local garden centers sell relatively cheap. once the first post is set, measure 8 ft and repeat set of next post. Do the same for the third post. Use stainless wire to span post every 24" up, so as the grape vines have something to cling to. Stainless wire will not rust. You can also use 1"x1" wood strips instead of wire for a better look.

  3. Step3

    Repeat these steps, with a second set of posts approximately 8 feet to the side of the already set posts. Then connect across the top at each post. When conecting wire, strips or post use a 3" galvanized wood screws and put 2 at each connection point. This grape arbor should give you years of support for grapes vines.


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