Maqui Berry Fruit - The World's Wonder Fruit


The Maqui berry fruit is considered nowadays as the world's newest medical marvel. It is widely known as the fruit with the highest level of antioxidants, surpassing that of even the Acai berry. When this wonder fruit was discovered by scientists in the tropical rain forests of equatorial Chile, they didn't realize the potential of this fruit. The only thing that they knew was that this rare and exotic fruit has been used by the Mapuche Indians of Chile for a long time. The natives claimed this fruit to have curative and strengthening powers, and there's plenty of reasons to believe the claims since they are backed up by scientific research.

One of the tests done on the Maqui berry was the ORAC or the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity test. This test measures the amount of antioxidants which are present in the fruit's frozen pulp. Scientists have tested several fruits against this test, but the Maqui berry reigns supreme as the berry with the highest level of antioxidants. With the benefits you gain from a small amount of antioxidants, just think of what this wonder berry could provide! Since it is pretty much brimming and exploding with antioxidants, when you eat a hundred grams of this fruit, you get an amount of 27,600. That value is much higher than the Acai berry's which is at 16,700 per 100 grams.

The Maqui berry fruit is one of the best dietary supplements as it is very, very rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are important for the body for the fact that they help eliminate and flush out the toxins and harmful chemicals. They are also good at fixing and repairing the body cells and

then even stimulate and trigger the growth of the good cells in the human body. When all the harmful and dangerous toxins in the body have already been eliminated and flushed out, the immune system will start to function properly and will be very effective in fighting off viruses, bacteria, or other microorganisms.

The minute the immune system of the body and the metabolic rate work more efficiently, you will start to feel like you're up for anything, which is quite true. You have increased energy levels and you will find it a lot easier to burn all those unwanted calories and fats, thus, you will lose weight. There has actually been a study about men and women who want to lose weight. The entire population was then divided into three groups. The first group was given Maqui berry twice a day, the second group was given Acai berry twice a day as well, and the last group was placed in a strict diet and exercise regimen. After a duration of six months, the group given the Maqui and Acai berry lost weight of about 400%. Those groups also found it easier to keep the weight off even after the therapy.

Other than the extremely high dose of antioxidants, the Maqui berry fruit is also very rich in calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin E.

Maqui Berry Side Effects

It is high time that you dismissed the others and went in for the best. Till a few months back you had only limited choices as far as herbal medications for curing your obesity were concerned. Out of them all just a few, including the one sourced from the Amazonian rainforests were available. But now a new kid on the block is available to help you overcome your obesity problems. Those who have taken supplements concocted from the extracts of the Chilean maqui berry are sparing no words in its praise.

It is high time that you too should take the same and watch your fat disappear in a few weeks. There are many sites on the internet that offer trial packs of this wonder herbal weight reduction supplement and you should try it out. However, there are some people who are wary of all new product that are launched in the market, more so if it has got something to do with their health. They are afraid that the new product might have side effects which might be disastrous for their health. Instead of curing them of their obesity, the new wonder drug might as well create additional health issues for them.

Such persons need not be unduly worried about maqui berry side effects. They should not forget that this herbal concoction has been formulated with the extracts of a berry that the Chilean natives are eating for decades, both in its fresh form and in its preserved form. The scientists and doctors who have spent years in researching the maqui berry and then formulating supplements from its extracts would exercise extreme caution to ensure that there are no maqui berry negatives before launching the product in the market.

If you have been following the news or are watching programs by the TV celebrity Rachael ray, you must have no doubt heard about the latest obesity killer on the market. It is not without any reason that such celebrities are showering praises on maqui berry supplements. If there were any maqui berry side effects, one can be rest assured that these celebrities would not have associates their prestigious image with the same. However, since this product is relatively new, it will take some time to gain the confidence of the people. Every thing in life has both positives and negatives and it is the same with maqui berry supplements too.

However, you can be rest assured that there are no dangerous side effects of consuming supplements formulated using extracts of maqui berry. There are so many positives in this product that you should not avoid it. The high percentage of antioxidants in maqui berry supplements is just awesome. If you are still worried about maqui berry side effects, why not opt in for a trial pack today. Within a week you will find out that there are no maqui berry negatives. If the Mapuche Indians of South America can use it without any health problems, so can you.

About the Maqui Berry

For a long time, people interested in maintaining a slim figure, have looked towards various medications made out of herbal extracts. Of late a new entrant has entered this field. Maqui berry is found in the Patagonia region of Chile as is slated to become one of the largest and one of the world’s most successful weight loss supplements of the world. Few people had any inkling about this berry from Chile which is also known as Aristotelia till it was mentioned by TV celebrity Rachael Ray during the course of one of her shows.

Since then, the interest of the people in this evergreen liliaceous shrub, which grows in the shaded woods in the mountains of Chile, has increased by leaps and bounds. This berry grows in wilderness and is not cultivated. It is plucked and eaten fresh or preserved for later consumption. The extract of this berry also contains a red colored pigment which is used for coloring wines. As a matter of fact, maqui berry is fast replacing elderberries for the purpose of wine colorization in France. This point is substantiated by the fact that nearly 315.705 kilos of this berry was imported by France in 1887… way up from 500 kilos imported in 1884.

The Mapuches Indians are consuming the fruits and stems of this plant for curing various ailments. According to the reports of a research conducted by Brunswick laboratories, maqui berry contains the highest level of antioxidants amongst all fruits. The antioxidants contained in this berry boast of an extra molecule of oxygen that help combat the free radical way before it can do any harm to the human system. Though our body is self sufficient and generates its own supply of antioxidants, the stress and strain of life combined with the aging process outputs more amount of free radicals than they can combat efficiently.

For those who do not know, these antioxidants are responsible for combating inflammation and oxidative stress and the resultant cell damage. Of late, aristotelia maqui has been offered for sale in London by the name of maqui berries. These berries, the extracts of which are also used to color wines, are now being made available for their medicinal properties. It is quite easy to differentiate these berries from other berries because of their coloring properties.

If anyone wets these berries and rubs them on paper, a purple stain will be formed on the paper. The fruit of the maqui berries are similar in size to that of khamnus cathartica and also look like black pepper. On examining the fruit one will observe that it comprises of four sections each of which contains a small triangular seed. Many people are fooled and consider the maqui berries to be buckthorn berries, but the lack of adherent calyx differentiates maqui berry from the buckthorn berries. Be prepared to give your health with the extracts of this berry from Chile which is making its presence felt in a big way.

Maqui Berries used for Coloring Wine

Maqui Berries used for coloring WineWines are not just recognized by their age, but also by their flavor and what is most important, their color. Throughout the ages, humankind has used many types of colors, both natural and synthetic for coloring wine. While the synthetic colors serve their purpose quite well and are suitable for coloring wine, it is preferable that natural colors are used for wine coloring. Just search the net and you will find that there are many natural wine coloring agents that are used by leading breweries and distilleries for coloring wine.

If you observe carefully, you will also find the name maqui berries present in the list of natural coloring agents that are used for wine coloring. This berry has been available for a long time in the shady mountainous regions of Chile and is popular among wineries as the preferred choice for coloring wine. Take some maqui berries and moisten them with water. Now rub them on a piece of paper and you will observe that a deep violet colored smear visible on the paper. This natural coloring agent, present in maqui berries is being used more and more by wineries all over the world for the sole purpose of coloring their liquor products.

This common Chilean shrub has long been consumed by the natives of that country either freshly plucked or preserved for later consumption. Maqui berries belong to linden (Tiliaceat) group of shrubs and boasts of a fiber rich inner bark which is used for manufacturing the famous Russian mats. The fiber obtained from this berry is also used in Chili for the manufacture of cordage. Wines that are colored using the extracts of maqui berries display a mild violet color that also serves the purpose of enhancing the appeal of the wine.

Most wine aficionados who drink wine colored by maqui berries are not aware of the antioxidant properties of these berries. The oxidants present in the extracts of maqui berries serve a dual purpose when they are used for wine coloring. Not only do they impart a vibrant and rich color to the wine, the antioxidant properties also increase the shelf life of the wine. Many wineries across the world are nowadays importing maqui berries for their colorant properties, with France leading the rest of the countries. In fact, the popularity of the color of the maqui berries can be gauged by the fact that these berries have been able to replace elderberries that were previously used as a coloring agent for wines manufactured in France.
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