Stone Healing Quality Guide 

Abalone - Sea shells work well when combined with crystals, feathers, or other shamanic tools. They are especially useful to counterbalance overly dynamic energies due to their watery nature. Abalone may be helpful to build and protect the heart muscle as well as aid the digestion.

Amethyst stone healing power: (February Birthstone). Translucent, purple / lavender quartz. Third eye chakra stone. "Stone of spirituality and contentment". Intuition, creativity, memory, motivation, courage, meditation and serenity. Aids sleep, boosts the spirit and can help heal stomach disorder. Good for addictions and can ease arthritis, enhances intuition, headaches, blood sugar imbalance, L brain imbalances, edginess, facilitates healing, inner peace, psychic insight, stimulates third eye, aid for meditation, spiritual opening and internal surrender. It can also fade slightly in sunlight. Ancient stone of great repute.

Aventurine Healing Properties: Guides communication to be done with love. Can assist in building strong and healthy relationships. Brings wisdom of the ages to the present to make solid choices. works well with dream state to answer troubling question. can improve vision, both internally and externally.

Black Onyx - Healing properties: Fosters inner truth, understanding, confidence and friendship. Provides wealth. Aids access to dream world. Dispels nightmares. Encourages individuality, greater joy. Stimulates emotional balance and self-control. Helps achieve destiny. Relieves stress. Beneficial for cleansing.

Chalcedony - Helps overcome jealousy, despair. Brings love and comfort. Dispels anger. Balances ego. Supports fidelity. Promotes awareness, clearer psychic vision. Beneficial for business. Relieves nervousness. Promotes good health.

Carnelian: Healing Properties: Can dispel feelings of rage, fear and envy. A cheerful stone that brings out joy. Calms emotions and increases ability to reason. Recommended to ease arthritis pain. Strengthens bond between parent and child. inspires unconditional love for yourself and others.

Chrysoprase: fertility, memory, creativity, perception and mental clarity, stress reduction, inner growth. Promotes a state of grace - aligning physical energy centers - energizing and opening heart chakra - bringing energy to physical body via energy of a loving heart - compassion - facilitates adaptability - presence of mind - non judgmental attitudes - understanding of growth patterns - reduce superiority or inferiority complexes - deep meditative states - balancing of yin yang. Said to assist in treating disorders of the heart, increase dexterity, reduce frailty and infirmity, and to increase the assimilation of vitamin C.

Citrine: The "Merchant's Stone" can assist you in building and maintaining wealth. Teaches you to use, enjoy, and then release inviting even greater things into your life. Good for balancing thyroid disorders. Diminishes self-destructive tendencies and will not hold any negative energy. Inspires you to choose from your heart with confidence. energizing, invigorating, and positive. It increases motivation and relieves feelings of inertia, thereby improving digestion and clearing congestion from the internal organs. Citrine may work to purify the blood as well. Healing PROPERTIES: Keeps sister and journey safe. Raises self-esteem. Brings about cheerful demeanor. Heightens perception. Enhances creativity, promotes harmony. Encourages kindness, brings wisdom. Positive influence on education, business, family, and interpersonal relations. Helps achieve one's destiny. Stores information. Good for cleansing. Optimizes body's healing energy. benefits kidneys, colon, liver, gall bladder, digestive organs, and heart.

Goldstone healing power: comes in a variety of colors and has a coppery glitter. Goldstone is a man-made stone. It is a type of glass with glittery metallic material in it. Originally created when alchemists were working towards creating gold. A transmitter stone which causes light to pass through you in order to convey or receive as a medium. Aims to be a revitalizing, energizing stone, encouraging a positive attitude and individualism. Intellectually calming and refreshing, brings wisdom. Helpful to Solar plexus Chakra to reduce stomach tension, protect center of body.

Hematite stone healing power: Silver-gray metallic is an iron ore which is iron oxide usually FeO2. It is one of the most grounding of all stones; it reduces stress and combats insomnia. It is said to help increase courage, concentrate energy and strengthen the heart. Calms and soothes, reducing stress and blood pressure. It is very beneficial to those attracted to it, but it is one of those stones that you either love or hate.

Jade stone healing power: Solid to translucent. "Very Lucky Stone", peace, serenity, memory, increases vitality, encourages harmony, inspires wisdom, prolongs life. Jade may come in a variety of colors, green, blue, black, violet, white, yellow and a reddish and brownish variety. Each with its own slightly different use. Green: Health, wealth, longevity stone. Ancient Chinese used it also for courage, wisdom, justice, mercy, emotional balance, stamina, love, fidelity, humility, generosity, peace, harmony, lungs, heart, thymus, immune, kidney and blood detoxification and the nervous system. It is a very popular gemstone projecting universal love, health, wealth and long life. One of the most pure and serene stones, it carries the "wisdom of the ages". Combining the powers of heaven and earth it can inspire you to make clear choices quickly, leading to the path of true joy and abundance. Can treat disorders of the heart and spleen. Brings out the deep peace from within. Dispels negativity. Powerful in balancing emotions. Encourages change, heroism. Promotes idealism and beauty. Increases fertility, longevity. Provides wisdom when evaluating issues or problems. Brings needed energy. Facilitates healing, meditation, astral travel and development of higher psychic abilities. Improves concentration. Encourages education. Considered a "Dream Stone." Benefits eye disorders, kidney stones and female discomfort.

Jasper stone healing power: Chalcedony quartz. Multicolored, solid yellow, orange, brown and green. Yellow is for stomach, intestines, liver, and spleen areas. The light colors are best for healing. Green: respiratory, heart charka, general tissue regeneration, mineral assimilation and general healing. Darker colors are more grounding can be used for protection. Calms a troubled mind. Helps with digestive problems and other ills.

- Picture jasper is excellent aid for successful business.

- Dalmatian jasper aids memory retention and development of psychic ability.

- Fancy jasper use for depression or if something is bothering you.

- Poppy jasper is for happiness and contentment.

Magnetic Beads - Magnetism is one of the most basic powers of nature. It is magnetic force that controls order in the galaxies and allows the stars and planets to spin at the correct velocity. Magnetism as a form of therapeutic healing is one of medicine's most exciting discoveries in recent years. However magnetic therapy is nothing new. Magnets have been used to relieve pain for thousands of years. The Chinese have used them as a form of natural healing for over 2000 years, believing that life force (known as 'qi') revolved around the earth's magnetic field. Hippocrates referred to magnetic healing properties in his writings and Cleopatra even wore magnetic jewellery.

Cleopatra wore one to preserve her youth. Athletes use them to boost their strength and performance. They aid sleep and relieve pain and encourage faster healing.

Bone fractures, sprains and bruises, back pains, insomnia, depression, arthritis, migraines and inflammations are some of the many ailments that benefit from magnetic healing. Worn in the form of a band or bracelet (around the wrist, arm, leg, knee or ankle), placed in inner soles, in mattresses and in cushions, in fact held against any irritated area, magnets help relieve pain and increase the body's natural ability to heal. Magnetic therapy works by improving blood circulation and increasing the level of oxygen that reaches the affected area. A magnetic field is formed in the blood, which attracts and repels charged particles, allowing the blood vessels to widen and the blood flow to increase, therefore bringing in nutrient rich blood and taking away toxins from the infected area. This reduces muscle swelling, pain and inflammation and provides a general sense of well being. It is important to note that it is not the magnets themselves that heal, rather they create the optimum environment within the body for a speedy, natural recovery.

Mookite (Australian Jasper) stone healing power: - A very grounding crystal. Helps with self-esteem. Can help with dreams and meditation and moving forward in life. Helps with fear and depression. Has been used for the thyroid gland. Helps one to be more social, encouraging new perception and communication skills. Mookite helps one experiencing new circumstances, soothing erratic behaviour and helping one to remain calm. Is extremely good to use in negative situations, as it provides a shield over the user whilst working to neutralise the environment. Mookite assists with decision making, guiding the user to the answer that is best for them at that point in time. It can also be used for discretion, when helping others with their problems. Promotes balance for the day and allows one to remain open and honest about all new ideas. Mookite is a great companion for those who are alone or just feeling lonely. For people who work with children or have children of their own, this is a brilliant stone to help one to understand why the child is behaving in a detrimental manner, and enables one to modify this behaviour to a beneficial state without the child noticing the change. Mookite is also a great stone to help those who are kind to all except themselves, become kind to themselves too. Helps one to find employment, enhancing excitement and happiness toward the work situation. Can be used to communicate with animals. Enhances creativity & the ‘flow’ of new ideas, and also assists one to used these ideas in the appropriate manner to achieve maximum results. Mookite can also be used in the treatment of fat disorders & disorders of the stomach. Aids in the prevention & healing of hernia’s. Also help to relieve water retention. As this piece is an Australian Mookite it also has strong links to the Dreamtime. Also Indigenous Australian have used Mookite as a stone for regeneration and healing the everyday wounds.

Pearls healing power: attune the wearer to ebb and flow of life. They are calming and centering. They give purity and promote faith, charity, and integrity, truth and loyalty. They especially enhance personal integrity. They help one connect with the Goddess, the ultimate feminine energy. Pearls have been used to treat disorders of the digestive tract and muscular systems, as well as to aid fertility and to ease childbirth.

Peridot - It alleviates anger, jealousy and irritation. It is associated with stress reduction, relaxation, healthy vigor, recuperative abilities, comfort and intuition. Especially good for healing the healers.

Rhodonite - alleviates anxiety, confusion & mental unrest, promotes calm, self worth, confidence & enhanced sensitivity, restores physical energy, enhances love and passion

Rose Quartz stone healing power: Translucent to clear pink. Love, beauty, peacefulness, forgiving, lovingness, self-love, emotional balance, soft, gently soothes and warms heart center. Emotional healing, loss, stress, hurt, fear, low confidence, resentment and anger. It is a rejuvenating agent for both physical body and the emotions. Slowly eases childhood traumas / neglect / lack of love, low self-esteem. Cleanse and recharge often. Especially if fades. Aligns mental, emotional, and astral bodies.

Shells - symbolizes"boundless growth". Invokes "boundless energies", said to help with decision-making, providing the sensitivity, imagination and insight needed.

Silver healing power: a mineral that can mirror the soul, strengthen the connection between astral and physical bodies, and enhance intuitive and psychic energies. Silver improves speech, bringing eloquence. It attracts, enhances and stores the energies of gemstones, and draws out negative energies. Silver is related to the moon, and moon energies. Physically, silver is used to aid heptatitis treatments, eliminate toxins, expel toxins through the pores, headache, rheumatic pain, nausea and gastritis, obesity, diabetes, and increase assimilation of vitamins A and E.

Tiger's Eye stone healing power: Chalcedony Quartz Cat's Eye. Yellow-gold, confidence, will power, clears thinking (and thus speaking), personal power in life. Yellow / solar plexus, chakra. (Not as strong as citrine or Topaz.) Works on Mental plane: amplifies thinking and manifesting what you think about careful will helps separate thoughts from feelings, so centered, less emotional. Digestion, stomach, anxiety, ulcers, bones. Aids concentration, focuses energy to meet life's challenges, grounding, encourages optimism, balancing, enhances creativity. Rub with essential oil on Front. Bottom for blood detox. Use with malachite or pearl for mental/emotional balance, understanding. Helps change anxiety, fear and obsessive ness into practicality, logic. Yang.

Tiger Iron is considered an important healing gemstone as it combines the healing properties of Hematite (pain), Red Jasper (heart/circulation) and Tiger Eye, which stimulates energy production. In addition, it is considered a stable healing stone, which rarely needs cleansing. Considered a Gemstone of the 1st Chakra, which governs fear/insecurity, survival instinct and reproduction. Therefore, this gemstone is widely thought to promote self-confidence and self-assurance, improve stamina and be especially important for those whose daily lives require a lot of physical exertion. Thought to help one find refuge when danger is close.Considered very protective, as Iron has long been thought to reflect the energy of evil spells/bad wishes back toward the sender.

TOPAZ/BLUE - Calming, peaceful, destressing, protection when on or near the water, protects against envy, disease and injury

Turquoise/Yellow Turquoise stone healing power: (December Birthstone). Light blue / blue-green. A good general healer for all illnesses and excellent conductor (high copper). Tones, strengthens entire body , aids tissue regeneration, circulation, lungs, respiratory system. Creative expression, peace of mind, emotional balance, communication, friendship, and loyalty. This gentle, cool, soothing stone is a Native American classic. It opens the throat chakra, for open communication, creativity, serenity, spiritual bonding, upliftment; Opens the heart chakra for giving / receiving. Symbolizes our source (spirit / sky) and spiritual love for healing, help. On brow: Psychic connection to Great Spirit. Strengthens and aligns all meridians, chakras, and energy fields. Like amethyst, it protects and detoxes from alcohol, poison, pollution, x-ray / sun radiation. Ancient absorber of "negativity"; protection from "evil eye." Brings wisdom. Helps anorexia, headache, fear, etc. Throat, lungs, asthma, infections, teeth, TMJ, hearing, high blood pressure, creativity block, depression. Dull, paler and weaker. Works well with Chrysocolla, best with Silver. Used for healing on every continent! Androgynous, balances yin / yang.

Unikite Healing Properties: The "Heart Healer" opens inner vision to restore broken hearts. Use it to gently release blocked energy to improve over all health. Can help both parent and child during pregnancy. Is very connected to all re-birthing processes and eases through major changes in life. Balances Yin and Yang energy.


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