Organic Materials Management

Here you'll find information on compost, mulch, biosolids, farming, sustainable landscaping, home gardening, food scrap, conversion technology, and other topics relating to the management and use of organic resources. (Note: All terms in green link to a glossary definition.)

What are "Organics"?
We use the term "organics" to mean material that was once living, such as leaves, grass, agricultural crop residues, and food scraps. Also, organics include materials such as wood waste, manure, or biosolids. In nature, these organic materials decay. This decomposed matter, such as the humus on a forest floor, provides nutrient rich material to surrounding vegetation, thus helping it thrive. The decomposition process is called composting, and the resultant material is compost.

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Last updated: November 30, 2009
Organic Materials Management

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