How to Easily Build an Arbor

By cedarshillfarm
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How to Easily Build an Arbor Have you always wanted a small grape arbor or an arbor for your vining vegetables? Here's an easy to build arbor that will take 30 minutes or less to build.


Things You'll Need:

  • Steel T-Posts (fence posts from farm & home store)
  • Cattle Panel
  • Galvanized wire


  1. Cattle panels are 52 inches wide. Square up an area that is 52 inches wide and 6 feet across. The 6 feet will be the distance under the arbor. 

    Set the 4 t-posts by pounding into the ground leaving 32 to 48 inches above ground. Two posts will be 48 inches apart and 6 feet from the second pair of posts.

  2. Step2

    Arch the cattle panel between the two pair of t-posts.

  3. Step3

    Start at the bottom.

    1. Wrap one strand of wire around the panel and post and twist tie until the panel is snug to the post. Wire the panel every 8 to 12 inches up the post. Go to the other side and wire the panel to these to posts as well.

    2. Step4

      Till the ground under on each side of the arbor. Plant a grape vine on each side or plant your favorite vining vegetables on each side of the arbor and watch the arbor become covered.


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