What Are The Tree Grafting Techniques?

Grafting is the asexual method of reproduction which is used on a large scale in agriculture and horticulture as well. This method is used to grow shrubs and trees on a commercial scale. The trees grafted by this method produce the fruits of the same variety as that of their parent tree.

Various Tree Grafting Techniques:
There are various techniques which are required to graft the trees. Some of these techniques includes:

  • Bark Grafting: This type of grafting is applied on the plants with the root stocks of larger diameter.
  • Whip Grafting: This type of grafting is applied on the wooden stalks.
  • Veer Grafting: This type of grafting is performed on the evergreen stalks.
  • Crown Grafting: This type of grafting is performed in order to establish a new variety of fruit on one single tree.
  • Bud Grafting: In this type of grafting a small bud is used to for grafting purposes.

Grafting Of A Tree Using Bud Grafting Technique:
Here are the steps to define the tree grafting technique using the bud grafting method. These are:

  • The first step is to cut a branch having a bud from the scion tree. This budded branch has many unopened buds over it. Now, remove any of these leaves and fold the budded branch in a paper towel which is wet.
  • Now, select a healthy young, small branch on your rootstock. Make a cut in T shape, in longitudinal direction. The cut should be deep enough to move through the bark. Now, lift the corners at the two end, in order to form two different flaps over them.
  • Now remove the branch with bud from its protective covering and slice the mature bud from the branch. Once this is done, slip this bud below the flap in the same direction of the branch on the rootstock.
  • Now, cover or wrap this bud making it sure that you have not wrapped the bud itself. Leave this bud to grow for few days. This bud will take an entire season to grow. For instance, you have transplanted a bud in the summer season then then it will sprout in the next spring.


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